How do I do that?

My card identification: 109e 036e 11bd 0012

Setting TV card & video:

No TV card drivers needed. Just start DScaler application (I have 4.2.2), set Card to Pinnacle PCTV Pro and Tuner to MT2050 [PAL]. Restart computer (maybe power off and on) if tuning channels does not work. After restart computer, check Tuner is still MT2050 [PAL] (BtCard->Hardware info...), now scanning channels should work. Video OK, but no sound on speakers for me. Audio output jack from TV card was OK when I plug headphones direct to PCTV card.

Audio settings:

I have internal audio cable connected between PCTV card and motherboard (CD audio input). DScaler audio-mixer setup is irrelevant. Windows settings are important. So open Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording tab .. right click and "Show disabled devices", click add or do something to add "CD Audio" (dont know how). Properties on "CD Audio", check "Listen to this device", set some Levels (volume), Playback through device to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) or Speakers in my case, then OK, OK to close all audio settings windows. Now audio should work.

High CPU usage? (one core at 100% in my case)

Try Settings->Advanced Settings->Field Timing Settings->Sleep Interval .. increase if there is 0 (I have 30 now, but 1 should be enough). CPU consumption fall down (1-16% now, depend on filters and actual deinterlace filter, my resolution 720x576). I set 768x576 but switching channel change it back to 720x576 I dont know why.

And now I say goodbye to Windows XP finally. Thank you DScaler group.

Pinnacle PCTV Pro